Hi There!


Our Little Succulents is a business based in Perth, Western Australia. 

Succulents are so popular because of their low maintenance, which means you can have lots and lots! 


Here are some frequently asked questions to help convince you of their low maintenance:

Q: How long will my succulents last?

A: Forever, as long as you take care of them (they will need to be re-potted eventually, because they are real plants that grow). 

Q: Can I keep them inside?

A: Some are better indoor succulents than others, but yes you can keep them inside, provided you give them plenty of sunshine (this might involve having to bring them outside now and then) and water every couple of days.

Q: How much do I need to water them?

A: Depends on the weather. More frequently in hotter weather (every second day) and less frequently in colder weather (every third-ish day)